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About Us


Pierwszy Stopień is a family restaurant, filled with plants which made it feel like the green heart of Kazimierz.

Meet us

It feels like home

We make every effort to make every guest feel at home with us. During designing the interior of our restaurant, we focused on creating a place that is peaceful, pleasant and full of greenery. We want our guests to feel the green atmosphere and relax among carefully selected plants. The dishes we offer are inspired by the flavors that surround us every day. We use Małopolska regional products, which we buy from ecological suppliers and in friendly local shops. We want our guests to taste our dishes while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and atmospheric music.


In the menu we use high-quality and ecological regional products, thanks to which our cuisine is healthy and wholesome. Łomnickie cheeses from Kozia Łąka are produced according to traditional recipes, have a certificate of ecological products and belong to the European Network of Culinary Heritage. Fresh vegetables and fruit are brought from our family farms near Proszowice. Pickles, silage and preserves are also made by us. We believe that a good product is the most important and it is thanks to him that the taste of each dish is so unique.