Green Heart of Krakow

A unique restaurant with products from local suppliers

Restaurant in Krakow

Modern dishes made from local products

Pierwszy Stopień Restaurant is not only typical restaurant in Kraków, but a family place that we have created by combining our love for plants and good, regional products. We work with farmers from the neighborhood of Krakow, who deliver their products to our restaurant. Our homemade preserves can be tasted not only by ordering dishes in a restaurant, but also by purchasing them in jars. In the Pierwszy Stopień, we also made sure that the alcohol we serve was in line with our philosophy. Our wines delight with taste and quality. It is also worth trying infused vodkas and drinks, the flavors of which are based on the well-known, but sometimes a bit forgotten local herbs and fruits.

Pierwszy Stopień is a combination of nature, taste and fun!


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When designing the interior of our restaurant, we focused on creating a place that is peaceful, pleasant and full of greenery. We want our guests to feel the green atmosphere and relax among carefully selected vegetation.

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In Kazimierz

Come to us at Krakowska 17 and see that the Pierwszy Stopień is the place for you.