Get To Know Us

Pierwszy Stopień is a family restaurant, full of plants, thanks to which it has become the green heart of Krakow's Kazimierz.


Pierwszy Stopień was established as a family restaurant created by a mother, daughter and her husband. We have created a restaurant because we like to meet people and we want our guests to be able to meet in the green garden in the very center of Krakow's Kazimierz. Our philosophy in life is to promote natural and healthy food. Nature is close to us because our family home is located in a village near Krakow, the vicinity of which is an agricultural area.

We are surrounded by natural vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers on a daily basis, and farmers are our friends and family. Thanks to this, the ingredients that we use in our kitchen and at the bar are handmade and homemade. Living in the countryside also started our love for plants and their care. All items complementing the interior of the restaurant are antique items from the house of our great-grandparents. It is thanks to these details that we have created an atmosphere that will make you feel at home with us.

A People-Made Dining Adventure

When designing the interior of our restaurant, we focused on plants, thanks to which, at any time of the year, the guest can feel like in a green, vibrant city oasis. Guests can taste our dishes while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and atmospheric music. Together with the crew, we create a First Degree family and we try to make every guest feel a part of it. We are smiling, friendly and full of optimism .. we give our guests these positive feelings. See for yourself. See you at Krakowska 17!